Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Spin Bike Review

For its advanced form and state as a modern indoor exercise machine, the Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Spin Bike is considered to be competitively priced.

Designed to offer a challenging and energetic exercise routine it is suited for professional cyclist who knows what to feel on the road when biking.

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Spin Bike Review

Some of the advanced features of the phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II spin bike are found to be a direct drive system and an emergency stop brake system.

One control measure a cyclist can apply is to slow the flywheel, because its movement is dependent on pedalling. The direct drive system is unique because it allows for forward, backwards including the racing style pedalling.

It is considered to be a high end spin bike in the market because of the handlebars which are easily adjustable.

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Spin Bike Review

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Its features

  • Has a weight capacity of 25 pounds
  • Resistance system: brake pad, canter pull brake pads as a supportive function
  • Adjustable seat post which can move in two positions
  • Resistance system: direct drive
  • A balanced flywheel weighing 39.6 pounds
  • Sturdy frame
  • Wheels for ease of movement
  • Tension knob to help in adjustment


Ease of assembly- because of its quite simple process of assembly, one needs no extra hands in a bid of putting it together. This feature makes the Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Spin Bike to be quite popular.

The main reason why it is easy to assemble is because the parts are all put together, this makes its assembly result into quality strong spinning bike.

Ease of use- even a novice has a chance to use the bike given its technical build.

Easy to store and move- the size of the bike allows for it to be easy to fit even on a small space, this in addition to its wheels which enable it to move are awesome.

Strong and durable- the build of the bike results into a compact machine loved by most of its users.

An enabling tension knob- as one of its features, users of the Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro II Spin Bike will be able to adjust resistance and avoid any discomfort which may arise by simply adjusting setting resistance turning on the knob counter clockwise.

An all inclusive tension level which fits both the pro and the novice. Through a smoothly set quiet biking mode, the spin bike users are able to feel the all important bike direct-drive system.

The feel is brought about by it’s allowanced for backward and forward pedalling enabled by a quick stop braking. The brakes enable quick switch offs to vary and get the best cycling feel.

Quick stopover level- with the ability to stop the flywheel when needed, the cyclist is capable of controlling and stopping biking at any time especially in emergencies.

A well formed wheel system- with a build of 39.6, the wheel gives a smooth feel in the process of exercise. This is improved by the bikes heat treated axle which is important in boosting balance especially when the exercise is intense in certain vertical terrain.

Well formed comfortable seat- this allows for ease conformability in sitting by allowing sideways movement.


Height limitation- based on its build, the Phoenix 98623 may not suit those with smaller stature. This is because; the seat cannot go lower than 5.5 feet. In this way, such individuals may not touch the pedals.

Closeness of the resistance knob to the frame-this makes many users have the inability to adjust the resistance as may be desired.

Rigid movement- the spin bike is seen to be rather sticky and has no smooth movement especially in humid conditions. This has caused lots of discomforts arising from unending knocks to the frame.

Less comfort on the seat- the foam cover on the seat may not be sufficient given the pressure. Moreover, the seat adjustment limitation where holes are too far apart makes the spin bike’s use cumbersome.

Lack of a computer console – monitoring the level of exercise may not be possible with this spin bike.

It lacks the Shimano pedalling dynamics (SPD) clips- this is an important accessory which may render the spin bike use cumbersome.

Rigid handlebars- the inability of the handlebars to move back and forth, and the post of the handlebars which is set on sticks. These are areas which are not liked by most users of this spin bike.

What is the verdict?

Looking at the features, it may be the perfect match for those who have ailments requiring rigorous exercise. Achieving fitness goals with this bike will be quite simple.

The pedalling options, comfortable yet flexible design with good tension to match are features which will be enough whether you are just beginning or already a professional.

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