BIKE WERKSTATT MTB – Bremse entlueften

A disc brake on a mountain bike that doesn’t work properly can be life-threatening. If the pressure point subsides, this is usually a sign that there is air in the system and thus oil in the line is missing. Approximately 15 – 30 euros in work per brake. Do it yourself is cheaper.

If the pressure point is gone, you should add oil as soon as possible. Otherwise you may experience an evil miracle on the next descent and the brakes will no longer apply. Expert Boris shows you what equipment you need and how to bleed the hydraulic brake step by step. With this video, it’s a breeze.

You need:
– a suitable hex
– a suitable spanner
– a suitable ventilation kit
– mineral oil
– a matching Torx key
– Cleaning supplies
– a rag
– a brake cylinder adjustment clamp
– needle nose pliers

An assembly stand is almost indispensable for venting the disc brake. So you have both hands free.

The venting of a disc brake on a mountain bike works almost the same for the different manufacturers. No matter whether Magura, Avid, Formula, Sram or Shimano. Boris shows you with the Shimano XT.

Further workshop tips, for example how to correctly adjust your disc brake, can be found in our top story BIKE WORKSHOP – mountain bike.

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