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India meets Eurobike. Ashish Komar, frenzied reporter from the Indian “Silicon Valley” Bangalore wants to bring cycling closer to his compatriots. There is probably no better reason for this than the most important bicycle fair worldwide. At the EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen, the Indian bike fan looked at the innovations for the coming season.

Ashish Komar from Bangalore Sports TV illuminates Eurobike 2012 from a completely new perspective. Informative, but also in an amusing way. The Indian reporter doesn’t just let the innovations show – he also tries them out right away.

In episode 1, Ashish Komar takes a look at the Swiss manufacturer of bike protectors, helmets and other accessories iXS. There he can also be equipped for his next assignment.

Episode 2 leads Ashish into the bike manufacturers’ hall. The Indian reporter discovers a lot of visitors at the ROSE booth. The reason is an autograph session by Bobby Root, Simon Gegenheimer and Steffen Thum (ULTRA SPORTS ROSE RACING TEAM. Despite efforts, his signatures are not really well received.

But Ashish Komar doesn’t have much time anyway. In episode 3, the Bangalore Sports TV reporter gets a private driving lesson with Bobby Root. But even the Wheelie King is only able to teach Ashish tricks on the bike to a limited extent.

Unexpectedly, Ashish Komar from Bangalore encounters a very big one in the dirt bike scene in episode 4. Martin Söderström, currently number 2 on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour, gets the Indian reporter under the wheel.

Episode 5 takes the Bangalore Sports TV team to the uvex booth. There Ashish Komar meets Olympic champion Mario Kummer. He shows the new time trial helmet from uvex to the Indian reporter.

Ashish Komar also wants to plan his next visit to Europe. But this time as a vacation. That’s why he stops by in Tirol in Episode 6. In this case, however, on the exhibition stand. Of course in professional clothing – as far as an Indian reporter can know.

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