ROSEpisode 2016 #1 - Swatch Rocket Air

This year, Rocket Air raised its level in the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour becoming a ”Gold Event.” It is the first "FMB Gold Event" in 2016. ROSE Gravity team came back stronger than ever with four riders on the starting list.m American, Nicholi Rogatkin won the event in "the jungle" of Thum.

Lukas Knopf came back from Last years injury and shows that he didn't loose anything from his confidence. Eric Walenta is well known for his technical tricks and smooth style, Jakub Vencl is well estabilished on the scene and came back strong with new tricks and - last but not least Torquato Testa is hungry for some big results. The new ROSE team member shows that he is not afraid to play all in. The qualyfying went crazy, and everyone was throwing down great runs. Eric had a smooth run, but unfortunately only good for 19th place. Torquato didnt play it safe and unfortunately crashed in both of his runs.
Lukas, the "tailwhip master" showed perfect technical skills and reached the final, as well as Jakub. The
czech rider showed some original tricks. Ready for the big show both of ROSE Gravity team members were ready to send it on their ROSE THE BRUCE. Lukas had issues in both of his runs and also went down really hard on the first jump while missing his bars on 360 tailwhip to barspin. Lukas didn't hold himslef back even when struggling with sickness and has our respect for trying his best which could have scored really high. Jakub had a similar run to his qualification. His run scored well with 83 points and was good enough for 9th place in a very strong field of world champs. Check out the whole action by yourself here in the first 2016 ROSEpisode. You´ll not be disappointed.

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