ROSE Vaujany - XCO WC Albstadt Course Preview

Nathalie Schneitter, Simon Gegenheimer and Steffen Thum​ rode a lap on the 2015 World Cup XC course in Albstadt. The members of Team ROSE Vaujany powerde by ultrsSPORTS telling us while riding how steep and technical the course is!

The course is the 4.18 kilometres long and totally different to the course last weekend in Nove Mesto. That's the reason why Nathalie, Simon and Steffen riding on their MTB Hardtail MR. BIG.

The track starts near the centre of town, it doesn’t take long for the Albstadt track to start beating up the riders. The climbs are steep and long and will see the best racers in the world’s heart rates top 180bpm almost from the off. Some parts are sectioned off into two lanes and the descents feature obstacles such as jumps and drops built by german freerider Guido Tschugg. The second climb is a steep ascent before yet another fast downhill section back into town.

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