Katy Curd - Lourdes World Cup Finals

The Worldcup in France didn't go really well for Katy Curd. A crash in Lourdes and a result way off of where she can be. Despite the poor result Katy can walk away from France with some big lessons she learnt and carry this on to the next races.

"A big battle of racing is learning how far you can push yourself, we have a limited amount of practice and one race run to prove everything, that one race run counts for everything and one small mistake costs a lot. With a positive to take away from each race I can confidently focus on the next round", Kathy says.

Next race is 15th May in Fort William, Scotland for the next round of UK national race series and Katy is already looking forward to getting up there and getting back to racing again.

Katys' website www.katycurd.com.

Katy Curd on Facebook.

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