Glemmride Bike Festival Saalbach - Highlights 2016

Dirt, action and high level of riding turn the Glemmride Bike Festival Saalbach into an unique and amazing spectacle. Expo Area, Rid with the Pro, Kids Session, iXS Downhill an Gold Stop FMB World Tour.

The finals of the FMB World Tour Event are the highlight of the entire weekend. Not only due to the special course over balconies and a swimming pool. Some of the best riders all over the world of numerous nationalities are spurred on by the total of 15.000 Euros in prize money. Brett Rheeder convinced the judges in the Style and Tricks and claimed the title. Simon Pages and Antoine Bizet secured 2nd and 3rd place. ROSE rider Jakub Vencl reached a very good 8th place. Lukas Knopf narrowly missed out on a place in the final.

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