Adam WIlliams - Pre Season 2012

We met up with Adam for a chilled session over at his local trails to catch up with him on his new bike, getting over his broken ankle and finding out what his plans are for the summer ahead.

You broke your ankle filming in the states, how is it feeling now?
Yea I broke it at the start of the season while I was out there training which sucked but these things happen in riding. I didn’t even bother to go and have to checked out, just iced it up cut my shoe lace off and ducked taped it up was all good to go! It wasn’t until I flew home two weeks later that I found I’d broken 3 bones in my foot and the long wait of eating junk food and watching daytime TV began! It’s still not right now but I can ride so that’s cool.

So how did you come to ride for Rose bikes?
I was at a pump track event of all things in Bristol and Fin manager of Rose Bikes UK was there. A buddy of mine “Pikey” aka Cliff was there and he introduced me to Fin and we got chatting and things went from there. I’m super happy to be on-board!

What’s your favourite bit of kit?
I’d have to say shoes, I’ve got so many pairs! I’m constantly trying to find the right pair and I’m still looking. I’ve got pair right now I’m pretty happy with but we shall see.

How do you get in shape for a big competition?
I like to get my game head on as I call it haha, watch plenty of videos that motivate me. I also just ride as much as I can but due to weather (rain) were I live I hardly get to ride my jump bike so I get a few miles in on the road bike, or just go for a blast in the woods its all riding so its good.

Do you have a special diet before a comp?
Yea usually if I’m up early its McDonalds breaky followed by anything I can get that’s fast and quick throughout the day, plenty of water too. Athletes diet ;)

Who inspired you to ride?
A dude called Ed Tucker who lives by me, he don’t ride to much no more but I remember the days just hangin’ out at the jumps waiting till he left and all exited after seeing him riding I’d just pedal as fast as I could and just send it on the £100 full suspension Rhino Blast from “toysRus”!

What is your favourite competition of the season?
I always get super excited about the first UK comp of the year its great just riding with everyone seeing what everyone’s been working on and just hanging out with good people.

How well do you expect to do this year?
I don’t expect anything really I just want to ride and have fun on my bike and see what happens. I usually find if I expect too much I get all frustrated and crash a lot.

Who is your closest competition?
Any one who is riding well on the day!

Who’s your favourite dirt jumper/rider of all time?
For me its either Mike Montgomery with his crazy and wild style or Ryan Nangle who can learn more tricks in a week than most people have cooked dinners.

Have you seen any up and coming riders to look out for on the FMB tour so far? And who do you think will take the FMB title this year?
The level of riding in the FMB is becoming crazy and every year there seems to be new heads on the scene with a big bag of tricks, this year I've noticed Thomas Geon who has impressed me with his overal riding brining big tricks and style with him. I love it when riders come on to the scene out of nowhere and don't really know anyone and just turn up and just kill it! It's so good to see and the best is just to look at every other riders face it’s priceless because they no its time to step it up.

As for who I think will win? You never know but I'd love to see my buddy Sam Pilgrim win it! He deserves it, constantly impressing people with his riding and insane bag of tricks, and one of the funniest guys u will ever meet never a dull moment with him haha

What is your favourite trick?
Right now its 360 but next week it may be something else.

Who is your tip for the DH world champs this year?
I'd have to say Danny hart after his performance last year at the world cup. It's moments like that which really inspire me as a rider and motivate me to push myself. He didn’t just win the race he was 11seconds up which is ridiculous and with the weather and conditions the track was in is just Bbbbbbezurk!

Who would you rather – Kathryn Jenkins or Charlotte Church?
Kathryn any day proper welsh girl!

Who’s your favourite member of goldie looking chain?
I actually don’t know any of them lol

Best thing about coming from Wales?
No matter which part of England I go to, I always know I’m the hardest man there haha

Do you eat pot noodle? – favourite flavour?
Yea sweet and sour

Have you ever been in close contact with a sheep?
Once when I went camping in Cornwall it was the first KoD and first ever MTB event I had been to, I was having a few cheeky bottles on the old stella in the pouring rain as you do at any Uk event lol, decided to strut over to empty the tank and noticed a field full of sheep so as any normal person would do I found with in myself highly amusing yet very satisfying to scream Ricky the snake while chasing a field full of sheep and scaring them away! And that is my encounter with sheep! ;)

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Credits:Jon Ashelford.

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